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Customer Service

Sparkling Clear Pool Care works to perfect the customer service aspect of the pool service industry. We have chosen to put polices in place such as our 100% Satisfied or we Come Back…for Free promise to ensure the delivery of consistent quality service.

Scheduled Service

Sparkling Clear Pool Care uses modern routing software to develop our schedule for the weekly service stops. This gives the customer the ability to know that they are going to have the weekly pool cleaning performed on the same day around the same time each week.

Marked Trucks

We have marked trucks and uniformed technicians.  This is something that we found is comforting to our customers. All employees have been though our Great Launch training program to ensure that your pool will be serviced correctly every time.

Slow Release Chemicals

Slow release chemicals are the preferred method of chlorine delivery for Sparkling Clear Pool Care. We feel that by using slow release chemicals the pools we manage have a more consistent  level of chlorine. Liquid chlorine spikes up when put in the pool and reduces over time, creating inconsistent chlorine levels.

Salt System

Having a salt system in is a great advantage. Similar to a a dry chemical system, having a salt system produces chorine throughout the week evenly. The removes the effect of a large amount of chorine being added at once.

Weekly Brushing

Swimming pool maintenance requires weekly brushing. There are certain seasons that require more brushing than others. For example, in the summer the warm water provides a great opportunity for algae growth and pools walls must be brushed regularly to prevent algae growth.

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Weekly pool service is very common in South Florida. That is what we specialize in here at Sparkling Clear Pool Care. There are over over 40,000 swimming pools in South Florida with a large percentage of them being in Broward and Palm Beach County.

When we perform weekly pool service at Sparkling Clear Pool Care we prefer to use a dry chemical system which allows the chlorine to be released slowly in the pool over the week until the next visit.  We service slat pools and standard chlorine managed swimming pools. We pride ourselves on customer service. We have chosen to put many policies in place so that each customer is completely satisfied after each cleaning.  We have a very large web presence so please visit us at

Swimming pools are used year-round in South Florida. That is one of the main reasons they are so popular. There are over 40,000 swimming pools in South Florida and the benefit of being here is that you do not need to winterize your pool. Winterization is the process of draining the pool and clearing the lines so that the frozen water does not damage the pool surface or the pool equipment itself.

At Sparkling Clear Pool Care we use a dry chemical system. We have slow release tablets that dissolve over a one-week period of time allowing the chlorine level to be maintained at an even level throughout the week. This has the added benefit of never having a large amount of liquid chlorine added to the pool at one time. Adding liquid chlorine to the pool is a very effective  sanitizer although it has a issue. If a  large amount is added at once the chorine is higher than the recommended level which is 5 ppm. An example of a typical residential pool maintained with liquid chlorine is the pool will have 5 ppm choline when the technician arrives. The technician will then add 2 1/2 gallons of liquid chlorine moving the level of chlorine to 10 ppm instantly. 10 ppm is over double the health department standard which is 3 to 5 ppm. By using the slow release tablets that I discussed earlier we are able to maintain 5 ppm all week long The added chlorine in the pool has the negative effects of burning your eyes or possibly staining a bathing suit. This also has the risk of the family pets drinking super chlorinated water.

By choosing to focusing all of our time and effort of residential pool service we feel we can provide a high quality of service.

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