Sparkling Clear Pool Care was established in 2013. Since then we have invested in multiple management systems. We have a full-time route manager who uses modern routing software so that all of our service technicians travel from stop to stop in the most optimized manner. Another technique that we have brought along along the way is our advanced chemical management system.  We now use a primarily dry chemical system which consists slow release tablets that dissolve slowly throughout the week providing a steady level of chlorine instead of your chlorine level spiking and dropping through the week.

Using uniformed technicians and marked vehicles, we try to provide familiarity and comfort to our service customers. We feel that having a uniform technician that services the same house each week around the same time on the same day gives the homeowner confidence that they can expect to have the same technician in their yard and the face will always be familiar. We have since our opening in 2013 established four locations. We have our main Lake Worth location where we have been for three years, our Boynton Beach location where we have been for over one year, our West Palm Beach location where we have been for around one year and our newest location in Wellington where we have been servicing pools from for over nine months now. We provide same-day service and 50% off the first month service. Please call us today. We can have a technician come out give you a free cleaning and estimate.